The Suitcase of Ida Vos

A lifelike and true story. Violinist Bert Vos tells the incredible story of his mother, writer Ida Vos, together with Shtetl Band Amsterdam. As a Jewish girl, Ida had to live in hide during World War II. Later, as an adult, Ida wrote five children novels on the subject, including the award-winning and widely translated book ‘Wie niet weg is wordt gezien’ (Hide and Seek). The Suitcase of Ida Vos is an insistent, narrative musical play in which the Second World War is brought back to a personal story with which each child can sympathize with. The klezmer music from the show reinforces this aspect by emphasizing the story, but sometimes also softening it or putting it into perspective. Not only the war itself, but also contemporary issues such as bullying and exclusion are covered in detail.

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