The Suitcase of Ida Vos

Violinist Bert Vos,  together with his band the Klezmer Society, tells the unbelievable story of his mother, the Dutch-Jewish writer Ida Vos. As a young Jewish girl, Ida Vos had to live in hiding during World War II. As an adult, she wrote five children’s books on this theme, including the award-winning ‘Hide and Seek’. 

The suitcase of Ida Vos is a striking school performance in which World War II is brought to life through a personal story that every child can relate to. The klezmer music emphasizes, yet also lightens the narrative. The performance does not only discuss events from World War II; universal themes such as bullying and exclusion also play an important role. 

The suitcase of Ida Vos goes beyond many other performances about World War II, as the children do not just watch, but also participate themselves. Images from history books come alive and get a voice. The children participate in experiences such as having to be quiet when living in hiding, wearing a Jewish star on their clothes, and not being allowed into the park. Furthermore, the audience witnesses a chuppah, a real Jewish wedding. The band plays wedding music and the guests clap along! And, did you know that superheroes already existed during World War II?

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